Special Features
Motorcycle receiver has been added. This custom feature allows one thing that most motorcycle racks do not. It allows the simultaneous use of the Class-3 Trailer hitch receiver while the motorcycle rack is being used.

Laptop with MP3 & DVD has been added to the vehicle with the optional auto adaptor. This Dell® machine was added to enhance the vehicle’s entertainment system through the use of the tape deck adaptor and the machine’s 15 inch screen. The original full size computer was upgraded to the current setup to improve security by removing the machine when not in use. This laptop also has a US atlas on CD-ROM.
Portable power unit providing 300 Watts of 120 Volt home-power with a Tripp-Lite® Portawatt™ power inverter to run a variety of household appliances.
Go-Ped® equipped with one electric and one gas-powered scooter. These were added to tremendously extend the range of the vehicle in highly congested urban and campus areas like San Francisco and Purdue University where parking is limited and/or quite a distance from the final destination. The electric scooter can even be charged with the portable power unit listed above.

Trim and labels have been removed for a cleaner look. Also, dirt and grime cannot be trapped by the tape that normally holds these features on.



Mileage - I have taken this truck across the country twice visiting places like Baltimore, Atlanta, Boca Raton, Phoenix, San Antonio, Malibu, San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis. Since I bought it, I have put over 40 thousand miles in this truck.

Snow   - This machine does not require snow shoes. The locking four-wheel drive and Big O AT tires make this thing handle like a tank in the snow and ice.


Future additions

Super charger with about 100 HP increase www.vortecheng.com

Four-wheel 6-piston oversized disk brakes www.stillen.com

18” BBS wheels www.bbs-ag.com

Cat-Back dual exhaust

5% Limo tint all around

GPS receiver for laptop atlas tracking

2-Way car alarm with automatic window functions


Things that I would have done differently
The rear windows do not go all the way down because of interference with the wheel-wells. I would have split the windows enabling the forward section to retract completely. I would have also done more extensive testing and design on reducing wind noise when the windows are open.